St. Petrock Graveyard, Clannaborough, Devon, United Kingdom

This article was originally published on Morbid Planet on November 30, 2018.

Clannaborough is a small parish that I like to visit each year when we go on vacation to Devon, England. It is located about five miles outside a town called Crediton. It is completely surrounded by farm land and there is no village there. It’s basically in the middle of nowhere. The only landmark is a graveyard and farmhouse that doubles as a butcher shop.

The only church in the parish is St. Petrock. It has a quaint little cemetery that surrounds the church and a lovely tree in the front yard. I get a kick out of how much bigger it gets every year we go back. I couldn’t find the date the church was built, but the parish has registers dating back to 1696.

I love this graveyard for it’s simplicity and character. It’s so small, yet the aged gravestones exhibit a good demonstration of the era when it was built. They have aged of course, but that is what also makes it great.

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Location: St. Petrock Church, Clannaborough, Devon, United Kingdom

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