What’s The Big Deal With Nosferatu?

Last July on Vamped we tried something new that ended up working out well and kind of morphed into a regular thing.

Anthony found out I am not much of a classic vampire film buff so he gave me a mission. He asked me to watch Nosferatu, which to some is considered the ultimate vampire classic. I was actually kind of happy to see what the big deal was.

The only catch to this exercise was I wasn’t allowed to do any research on the film prior to watching it. This meant no reviews, articles, image searches, or even discussing the film with anyone. He was surprised to find out I knew nothing at all about the film, so this worked out perfectly. I felt the term “virgin eyes” was fitting and it ended up sticking.

On Vamped this will be a regular thing so without further ado check out “Virgin’s View of Nosferatu.”

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