Vampires, Cemeteries and Vampire Hunters Oh My!

The north gate at the famous Highgate Cemetery, London, UK. (Photo: Erin Chapman)

I love to lurk in local cemeteries when I can, but they pale in comparison to the ones I’ve visited in England. I would say I’ve been across to the tea and scone capital probably about seven times now.

Normally we head down to Devon when we step off the plane so last August we decided to mix things up a little and stay in London for a few days. This gave me the opportunity to visit the British Museum again and conduct some research at the British Library for Anthony on the Highgate Vampire case.

Not only did I get to spend a few glorious hours scrolling through newspaper history concerning the case, I also managed to visit the famous Highgate Cemetery.

For those of you not familiar with the case, basically on March 13, 1970 an interview was televised announcing a vampire lurked in Highgate Cemetery. This set in motion a night of chaos where people travelled from near and far in hopes of catching a glimpse of the undead local resident, while local police attempted to retain control of the situation. Walls were climbed, gravestones damaged and vandalized, and even tombs were broken into by a local vampire hunter. Or were they?

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