Sex, Blood and Marketing—Oh My!

At first glance True Blood may appear to be a show about blood, gore and vampires, when in reality it is way more complex. The show actually has a story line unique to it’s own and delves into the world of witches, vampires, shape-shifters, faeries, and hybrids. It takes place in a small town called Bon Temps where Americans eat burgers and tote guns, religion is as pure as apple pie, people don’t lock their doors, everyone knows everybody’s name, porch swings are a common occurrence, and oh yeah, vampires hang out in the local bar drinking Tru Blood.

True Blood doesn’t just incorporate blood and gore into the series, they follow the lives of a select few town folk so you experience their ups and downs, but with a supernatural twist. From the get go the lives of a couple part time waitresses, a gay cook, an ex soldier with PTSD, a sex obsessed brother, a pushover bar owner and a bumbling sheriff seem all too common. Now toss some vampires into the mix in a society where they can roam free among humans, feed whenever and on whoever they want, and humans get high on vampire blood and it gets a bit more interesting.

So if you are a True Blood virgin I bet you are wondering how a show about vampires can dominate HBO for 6 seasons and counting? I know you are probably wondering what the hell do vampires do in a small town to keep millions of viewers coming back each season? Well, to find out head on over to Vamped and make sure the kiddies left the room!

Author: Erin Chapman

Erin is a writer and co-admin for the online vampire magazine Vamped. Her background is marketing and sales and has been in the industry for over 14 years. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.