Meeting Anne Rice, My Inspiration

November 7, 2013 was a amazing day for me. It was the day I was fortunate to meet Anne Rice, a woman that has influenced me since high school. Over the years I have read hundreds of books, but this one author stuck out from the rest causing me to pick up one novel after the other. Her writing style and characters personally inspired me to tackle my own novel two years ago. I am proud to say the first draft is done, and I am slowly working my way through the editing and revision process.

I was chatting one night with my friend and colleague Anthony Hogg and he encouraged me to put pen to paper and share my experience. I will admit the thought of doing this was exciting, but also nauseating at the same time. I have no creative writing training and at this point he was teaching me the fine art of blogging, which was a totally foreign concept to me. Ask me to write a business or marketing plan and I would knock your socks off!

About a week later I had my official second article under my writing belt published on his website. Check it out here on Vamped!

Author: Erin Chapman

Erin is a writer and co-admin for the online vampire magazine Vamped. Her background is marketing and sales and has been in the industry for over 14 years. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.