A Vampire Didn’t Walk in Highgate Cemetery

Erin Chapman

When I set out to investigate the Highgate Vampire case and write an article based on my analysis of Sean Manchester’s book The Highgate Vampire: The Infernal World of the Undead Unearthed at London’s Famous Highgate Cemetery and Environs(1985; rev. ed. 1991) I didn’t expect to spend six months on it.

I originally ended up with a 10,700 word article that we culled down to two listicles.

My first listicle was published on Vamped on Feb. 27, 2015 and can be seen here. The amount of time that went into researching, discussing and writing was phenomenal. Definitely one for the record books.

Anthony even made me write a blog entry explaining the work it took to write the damn thing. I am currently working on the second blog entry and it will be up on Vamped soon.

This project proved to be an invaluable lesson on many fronts. I learned how to do citations properly and tighten my writing using active voice. With Anthony’s encouragement I was forced to dig further and explore different angles pertaining to my research technique, which in the end payed of handsomely.

The first listicle focussed more on topographical errors in Manchester’s book regarding the key locations in the cemetery that were the focus of his investigation. Lets say geography wasn’t at the top of his skills list.

The second listicle explored other aspects of his questionable vampire theory. Manchester claimed he tracked the vampire in Highgate Cemetery and dressed up his narrative with occurrences to embellish the ambiance of his story.

Anthony and I explored five aspects: mysterious animal deaths, media involvement, a fainting cameraman, satanists, and a nobleman that supposedly turned into a vampire.

Intrigued? Well, without further ado lets check out “5 More Reasons Why a Wampyr Didn’t Walk in Highgate Cemetery.

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Author: Erin Chapman

Erin is a writer and co-admin for the online vampire magazine Vamped. Her background is marketing and sales and has been in the industry for over 14 years. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.