Santa Left Some Vampires Under the Tree…


Santa Was Good To Me


Every year for Christmas I always get books! Most of the time I usually get something random like cook books, but this year I was on a mission and had very specific requests. A good friend highly recommended these two books to me last month so it was a hands down decision to add them to my Christmas list. Now they are a little out of the ordinary from my usual fictional preferences, but I was excited to branch out. 

Now there were other books I had my eye on and made my final decision on “Food For The Dead” by Michael Bell and “Vampires, Burial and Death” by Paul Barber. Neither book was available in store, and had to be ordered on-line. 

I was desperate to read them and was concerned they wouldn’t arrive in time for Christmas. Every time I asked my other half he kept telling me there must have been a shipping delay because he hadn’t received them as of Christmas Eve so I was upset. I was a happy girl Christmas morning to find some vampires and death under the Christmas tree when I unwrapped my two new treasures. I couldn’t wait to crack them both open like a good bottle of wine and curl up in bed.

The day before Christmas I actually had the pleasure of running into Michael Bell through my friend Anthony that I originally met in his Facebook group “The Vampirologist” and introductions were made. Michael seemed rather friendly and down to earth. I may sound like a geek, but I was totally excited to chat with the author of a book I had ordered.

If you are interested in picking up your own copies I highly recommend checking them out!

Happy reading!!!

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