My fascination with vampires began when I was about eight years old after reading a children’s book called “Bunnicula” (James Howe, 1979).

In high school, I randomly picked up a copy of “The Vampire Lestat” from the school library and immediately fell in love with Anne Rice’s characters, New Orleans, and the entire ambiance of the vampire world she so brilliantly portrayed.

In 2011, I was inspired to write my first novel. Originally it was an experiment and I wanted to find out if I had what it took to finish the long daunting task. To my surprise, 475 pages later I had my own little fictional world full of vampires.

The next challenge was to make it through the grueling task of editing and rewriting, which I’m finding harder than writing the novel in the first place. The final phase of the experiment will be promotion and publication.

On November 28, 2013, fate smiled upon me with a set of vampire fangs and I had the serendipitous pleasure of meeting Anthony Hogg through his Facebook group “The Vampirologist.”

When I was growing up I spent most of my time doing art projects and not to sound conceited, I was pretty damn good. Other kids played sports, I would paint, sketch, or do pottery. In college, I took some drawing classes and for some reason, lost my inspiration. I basically stopped cold turkey and never figured out why.

Art was my creative outlet my whole life and I felt lost without it. Writing my story felt good, and gave me a new medium to express my creativity. It was like I opened a floodgate.

Anthony introduced me to blogging and writing articles, something totally foreign to me. Through his guidance and encouragement I discovered a fire and passion I didn’t know I had.

Oh, and I can’t leave out the vampire books! Through his recommendations I have started my own amateur vampirologist library.

Later, Anthony introduced me to Sufi Mohamed because he said our ambitious personalities were so similar. I was fascinated by Sufi’s website design skills. He had the patience to teach me, which led me to taking an HTML/ CSS course in 2014.

These two stellar individuals encourage my endeavors and passions, and continue to educate and inspire. If it wasn’t for Anthony, my writing would have ended with my book draft.

Since December 2013, I have worked with Anthony as a co-administrator and writer on Vamped, a general interest vampire online magazine. It’s your one stop shop for vampire news, reviews, interviews, and in-depth investigative exclusives you won’t find on other sites. We pride ourselves on our unique content and fact checking.

My latest project is Vampire Classifieds, an online vampire buy and sell community. I wanted to put my marketing skills to the test and build a community that helps people promote their vampire related products.

This lead to the launch of my second site, Horror Classifieds, an online horror buy and sell community. It is the same idea as Vampire Classifieds, it just has a horror spin on it. I have a third one in the works at the moment so stay tuned!

Other projects are also in the works and I am really excited about what the year will bring.

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  1. Very good writing i’m very impressed by your work would love to see more Erin

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